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Metro Pet Market: Leader of the pack

Spring 2010 edition Fine Lifestyles Regina Magazine


There is no greater feeling than coming home from a long day and being greeted by an excited dog who runs to the door and gives you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek, or having an affectionate cat curl up on your lap and purr loudly as you rub his or her belly.


Companion animals have become part of the family in many homes today, and pet owners all want to make sure their special family members live the longest and healthiest lives possible. No one wants to see his or her pet deal with the difficulties of allergies, obesity, urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney disease or cancer, but sadly, this is the reality for many furry friends.


Products for the pampered pet



“First and foremost, we are a health food store for pets,” said Jensen, who opened the doors to the Metro Pet Market two weeks ago. “Regina really needed something like this.”


Metro Pet Market caters to the discriminating pet owner, providing only the most nutritious foods available, says Jensen who added the store’s goal is to foster responsible pet guardianship.


Jensen said that most commercial pet foods contain filler ingredients, like ash, that are unhealthy and even dangerous to pets.


“I researched over 100 different brands of kibble, and I chose my four favourites,” said Jensen. “My underlying philosophy is that I’ll never bring in anything that I wouldn’t feed to my own dogs and I’ll never stray from that.

Pets need healthy food as much as their owners, according to Kurt Jensen, self-proclaimed “top dog” at Metro Pet Market, 1637 Victoria Ave., in Regina.
Dog Has Her Day

Of course Ruby won Best Pet: she knows everybody
by Carle Steel (Original Article)BEST PET


Ruby (Metro Pet Market)

They say that a working animal is a happy animal. True, not too many animals work retail. But it’s certainly better than fighting, which is what Ruby Jensen was bred to do. She was a rescued dog from the Regina Humane Society — saved from an idiot who tried to force her into being the big bad dog he thought he was getting with a Staffordshire, a fighting breed commonly referred to as pit bull terriers.


Fortunately, Ruby was born a lover, not a fighter. Fearful and malnourished, she eventually recovered from her first owner and got her current gig as top salesdog at Metro Pet Market.

Metro Pet Market


Giving Back to the Community


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