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Although it can be profitable to sell pets, we have chosen to advocate responsible pet acquisition through shelters, rescues or reputable breeders.


According to No Puppy Mills Canada, 10 million “excess” dogs and cats will be killed in shelters this year.  These are generally happy, healthy animals who, through no fault of their own, are unwanted.


Selling pets through retail stores can lead to irresponsible breeding and the proliferation of puppy mills and “backyard breeders.”


If you’re considering an addition to your family, check out the local shelters and rescues – give a pet a second chance!  If you want a purebred, do your research and find a reputable breeder.  Meet with the breeder to be sure you approve of his or her practices.




The Pack Project


Regina Humane Society


Prairie Sky Dog Rescue


Regina Cat Rescue


Bright Eyes Dog Rescue


Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association


SCRAPS (Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society - Moose Jaw)​


Salthaven West (Wildlife Rescue)






Be part of the solution:  please spay & neuter

We Don’t Sell Pets

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