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Metro Pet Market has always been as pasionate about giving back to the community, as it is for fostering vibrant pet health and responsible guardianship.


From the beginning, as a proud local and independent business, Metro Pet Market has supported an impressive record of fundraising events, sponsorships and donations, that ultimately result in helping animals in need, both locally and globally. 


In efforts to expand and streamline our community initiatives, we have incorporated and registered the Metro Pet Foundation.


The Metro Pet Foundation is a registered and incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping animals, locally and globally.

The Metro Pet Foundation is:
- 100% volunteer-driven
- 100% funded by fundraising and donations
- 100% of monies earned will help animals directly (no money is spent on administration).
- We are 100% transparent and accountable.

A board of talented, professional, fun, inspired individuals -- from all fields -- dedicated to helping animals in need, locally and globally. Stay tuned for introductions.

We strive to do good!
We donate to help animals in need, typically via existing registered rescues, shelters and organizations who are doing an excellent job already. We fundraise, then donate and sponsor anything and everything that will help these organizations, from the fundamentals like foods, supplements and treats, to spay and neuter surgeries and other medical emergencies.


Keep in the loop:

We currently pay for one spay surgery per month for the Regina Cat Rescue, and one spay surgery every second month for The Pack Project.

Although it can be profitable to sell pets, we have chosen to advocate responsible pet acquisition through shelters, rescues or reputable breeders.


According to No Puppy Mills Canada, 10 million “excess” dogs and cats will be killed in shelters this year.  These are generally happy, healthy animals who, through no fault of their own, are unwanted.


Selling pets through retail stores can lead to irresponsible breeding and the proliferation of puppy mills and “backyard breeders.”


If you’re considering an addition to your family, check out the local shelters and rescues – give a pet a second chance!  If you want a purebred, do your research and find a reputable breeder.  Meet with the breeder to be sure you approve of his or her practices.




The Pack Project


Regina Humane Society


Prairie Sky Dog Rescue


Regina Cat Rescue


Bright Eyes Dog Rescue


Moose Jaw Humane Society


SCRAPS (Stray Cat Rescue and Protection Society - Moose Jaw)​


Salthaven West (Wildlife Rescue)




Be part of the solution:  please spay & neuter

We're happy to provide the following monthly food sponsorships:


Learn more about our sponsorships and our Spay it Forward initiatives by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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do good! Mexico!

Doing good is at our core.  We're on a mission to change the world by fostering responsible guardianship for animals, locally and globally.  We love to do good and give back.   Through our Spay It Forward initiatives and sponsorships, we are contributing to our local community to a degree that goes beyond the ordinary.  


And now we're excited to share that we are taking things to the next level with our 'Do Good:  Mexico' mission!  We have partnered with Peace Animals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This amazing rescue is on a mission, just like us, to help with pet overpopulation and foster responsible pet guardianship.  Per capita, Mexico has the highest number of homeless animals, with an estimated 70% of dogs and cats being homeless. So we're driven to be part of the solution by working with the veterinarians, technicians and volunteers who strive to make big changes.  Our staff regularly earn trips to Puerto Vallarta to volunteer and work 'hands-on' at their Spay and Neuter Clinics.

Learn more about Peace Animals here: 

Metro Pet Market.  We're not pet stores, we're a MOVEMENT.

You can help!

Join the Metro Movement.  It's a revolution!  Every purchase you make supports animals

in need, both locally and globally.

You can help even more by donating gently used collars and leashes, as this is a big need for PEACE Animals in Mexico.

To help locally, you can purchase anything in-store for donations to local rescues.  We provide a 20% discount on anything to be donated (and you still earn stamps on your Metro Membership Card).  It's easy:  You choose the products you'd like to donate, and you choose your rescue of choice -- we take care of the rest!

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