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“All of the foods here are guaranteed free of wheat, soy and corn, which are really common allergens and can lead to health problems.”


Jensen said he chose foods from companies that have high manufacturing standards. The companies whose food he carries — Timberwolf, Fromm Family, and the like — have never been subject to recalls, like those that occurred last year.


Jensen believes his company has filled a glaring gap in the pet marketplace in Regina. He attributes part of the popularity of healthy pet foods to the recalls that shed light on the crisis in the pet food industry.


“I’m actually really surprised how many people come in here, flip over a bag of food and read the ingredients, which I think is just awesome. People didn’t do that a year ago. Now people are actually thinking of what they feed their pets. They’re concerned and taking an interest. That’s pretty exciting to me,” he said.


But there’s more than just food at Metro Pet Market. There is a massive selection of unique, high-quality toys.


“I look for something that’s really high quality. We have a strong environmental focus here. A lot of our toys and stuff are made from recycled (materials).”


The store has dog beds that are made from organic cotton and the stuffing is made from recycled pop bottles.


“We’ve got some pretty cool stuff,” Jensen said happily. “I’m always searching for new and cool things.”


There is a whole bevy of items for cats and dogs, including clothing, bedding, treats, combs and even Sexy Beast — a perfume for your smelly, four-legged friends.


Jensen is surprised by the sudden popularity of his store. After two weeks, products are flying off the shelf. He said he’s done better these two weeks than he expected to do in the first few months.


“Already we have people who have been back a few times. So far it’s all referral-based. Everybody’s sending their friends and family,” he said.


Jensen said his is the only store of its kind in the city, and he hopes to keep it fresh.


“When you come in here, I want to be an experience unlike any pet store.”


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