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Ruby’s person is Kurt Jensen, who co-owns Metro Pet Market with Ross McNabb. He says Ruby is the perfect employee: she is never late (though she does take hours putting on her eyeliner each morning), never calls in sick, and shows special flair in demonstrating the shop’s product lines.


Ruby has won the “Employee of the Month” prize each month for the nearly two years she has worked there. “It’s been close a couple of times, but Ruby pulled ahead,” says Jensen.


When it comes to Ruby’s controversial lineage, Jensen is of the “no bad dogs, only bad owners” school of thought. Staffordshires share the powerful jaws, high pain threshold and fighting abilities of all pit bulls. As often happens, Ruby’s initial “training” to be a baddie just made her afraid. Her nature — like all dogs of this breed if treated humanely and with love — is loyal and affectionate. And she really does have nice eyeliner.


“She’s my best buddy,” says Jensen. “She’s a great ambassador for the breed and the Regina Humane Society.”


For its part, the Humane Society says it treats the Staffies that come through the shelter’s doors the same as it would any breed. “It depends on the owner, but usually the ones that come in are big babies,” says Don Simons.


For specific information on dog breeds and rescue organizations he recommends the website: And, as always, pick a dog that suits your lifestyle.


As for Ruby, she can be congratulated in person on her Best Pet award at Metro Pet Market during regular business hours.


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