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The fundamental principle of good health is based on a varied diet.  We understand this concerning our own health, so why is it right to assume that one particular formulation meets the nutritional requirements of our pets?


Each food has varying levels of protein, fat, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Rotating among a variety of foods can ensure your pet is receiving a balanced diet.


Many holistic veterinarians believe feeding one food for extended periods can lead to serious nutritional imbalances and allergies, which can be a contributing factor in the development of inflammatory bowel disease.


Variety is Important

The Benefits of Variety

Better Overall Health and Vitality

No single food is “100% Complete and Balanced.”  Just like us, our pets require a varied diet – rotating high-quality proteins and forms, can help ensure a more complete and balanced macro-nutrient intake.

Reduced Pickiness

Providing a variety of flavours and textures can reduce the opportunity for your pet to get “hooked” on one particular food.  In fact, variety and rotation can increase your pet’s interest at meal time.

Reduced Risk of Food Allergies

Many veterinarians believe that continuous exposure to a protein is the root of allergies.  You can reduce the risk of your pet developing allergies and sensitivities by not varying proteins instead of over-feeding a single protein over an extended period of time.

Increased Hydration

Many health problems, such as urinary and kidney issues, can be caused by chronic dehydration. Your pet can greatly by increasing the amount of canned, reconstituted dehydrated or freeze-dried, and moisture-rich home-cooked meals.

Better Behaviour

A greater variety of flavours and textures can decrease incidences of bad behaviour, which can be a result of boredom.  A healthy pet is a happy, well-adjusted pet.  A Poor diet, especially one high in carbohydrates and chemical preservatives, can increase incidences of destructive behaviour. Variety is the spice of life!


You can choose to rotate varieties on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Decide what works best for you and your pet.  We offer a large variety of foods to make rotating your pet’s diet simple.


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