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Benefits of Feeding Raw

Raw food feeding is most similar to a prey-based diet, or what the ancestors of both canines and felines would have eaten naturally.  Pets fed biologically-appropriate diets tend to realize the following benefits:


  • improved health, energy and vitality

  • healthy, clean teeth and gums

  • increased immunity

  • lustrous coat and healthy skin

  • less shedding

  • no breath and/or body odour

  • improved weight control

  • reduction in arthritic symptoms

  • very low stool volume.


There are seemingly endless choices of raw foods available today and the number of choices is growing.  But not all raw foods are created equal.  We offer products from companies that share our philosophies regarding quality and nutrition:  At Metro Pet Market our raw food is sourced locally in Saskatchewan, using only free-range, antibiotic-free and hormone-free animals.  The animals are purchased live and healthy from small-scale producers and then transported and humanely slaughtered;  these producers bypass feedlot animals and factory-farmed animals.  The entire process is strictly controlled at a human-grade facility.  The diets are “whole carcass,” ensuring proper and balanced proportions of meat, organ and bone.  You can add your own fruits, vegetables, fatty acids and other supplements.


Raw food is available in many varieties to suit your pets’ needs and tastes, all in easy, convenient eight-ounce or one-pound patties.

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